Over 350 people have lost their lives across 6 states - Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra - due to floods and landslides.


Over 12 lakh people, who were displaced by the floods and landslides have taken refuge in relief camps in these 6 states.


80 landslides have jolted Kerala wiping out buildings, homes and shops in parts of Kerala. NDRF is still locating missing people under mud, rocks and trees that were unleashed by landslides.


Over 20,000 hectares of farming land, mainly the sugar farms, have been completely damaged during the floods in Maharashtra alone.

Our Flood Response campaign is divided into 2 phases.


Emergency Response-Relief Aids Kits

Our non-profit partners have deployed their National Disaster Management Team on ground for immediate response.

Based on initial assessment, they will be focussing on immediate relief, food, hygiene kits, shelter and child protection.

Focus will be on the most vulnerable and affected households, especially women (particularly widows, single women), children, persons with disability and women headed households.

Reconstruction of homes and rehabilitation of flood victims

Floods and lanslides have displaced 7 lakh people and inundated lakhs of homes across 3 states.

We have partnered with a charity to implement a strategy that place affected families on a path to durable, permanent shelter solutions.

Your donations will also fund- materials for building temporary shelters, house repairs and assistance with the construction of disaster resilient houses.

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