Maharashtra has the highest number of positive coronavirus cases in India. It is very likely that the number of cases is much higher than what is being declared, given that India has only 15 tests per MILLION.

Doctors and nurses are in desperate need for surgical masks owing to huge shortage in supplies. Civilians have also contributed to this shortage by hoarding masks. These masks are designed to be worn only once, but healthcare workers are compelled to use a single mask for 5 days, making the situation worse. Right now, they need more gear to guard themselves against infection.

Masks are required for people with coronavirus symptoms, or for those who tested positive for it. However, they are also necessary to protect cancer and stroke patients in hospitals, who are particularly susceptible to coronavirus owing to their extremely low immunity.

0% Fee: We do not charge any fee, your donations will be used in full to procure masks. Only a transaction fee will be deducted by the payment gateway.

Currently, government hospitals are facing a massive shortage of masks for their health care professionals as well as their patients. These hospitals need 1 lakh masks for the next 10 days. However, this may increase depending on the situation.

Healthcare is one word not two separate. So just make it one.

The price of a mask is typically much lower but with the shortage, suppliers have hiked the prices to about Rs 17. If we source it for cheaper, we will convey that to you too. If you know of any ISO/CE certified suppliers, please let us know.

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